Adaptive electronics

Going beyond IoT

Forget iteration costs

Remove constraints

Reduce design risks

Develop your product faster

Integrating with our client’s existing systems is a fundamental aspect of our work, which is why we offer a full range of services besides our products. Thanks to the experience we developed over the years, we create ad-hoc solutions for your project. Solving problems isn’t our only aim, we also ensure that our work is future-proof as much as possible.

Firmware development

– Firmware development that introduces both mixed-domain analog and digital components up to source-code level.
– Our core cross-platform codebase aces most quality industry standard metrics, it is retargetable to multiple silicon vendors and it is consistently battle-tested.

Embedded systems

Ground-zero embedded system design, or integration with third-party platforms. Apteon is skilled in mixed-domain system design.

Hardware design

Prototype and product design spanning different industries,
including sensors, automation and IoT.

Product design

Brainstorming, design, prototype iteration, ending with production at scale. Apteon can be your partner at every step of a product’s lifecycle.
No ties, no vendor lock-in. Own your product outright and its production chain.

Long-term support

Apteon’s design relies on consolidated and widely used components, together with a codebase that ensures LTS options for our projects that are able to evolve over time,
along with the technological landscape.
Your projects just won’t die.
Long-term avenues for production, reworking and support are factored in from day one.