Adaptive electronics

Going beyond IoT

Forget iteration costs

Remove constraints

Reduce design risks

Develop your product faster

Accelerating past the competition with Aptimo

Aptimo is your mixed domain embedded platform. All-new, and completely scalable.


– Run multiple powerful ARM Cortex-M3 and ESP32 cores

– Design and deploy true analog and digital schematics, even OTA

– Access unlimited wireless and wired networking options

– Conquer the most extreme power budgets

– Design, control and own your chain of trust

– Open standards with true RTOS

Consulting services

We can assist you with product design, market placement, hardware and software development.
Whether you require guidance for the complex industrial production landscape or just a shorter time-to-market, our team of experts can help you navigate a project more effectively.

With over 20 years of experience, we can assist or become your hardware and firmware development assets, and guide your design strategy.

Go beyond the IoT fad with our electronics and software design consultancy.

Industry expertise

  • Security and surveillance
  • Wearables and healthcare appliances
  • Robotics and industrial process automation
  • Sensor design
  • Smart energy and smart city IoT solutions